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MR SSentumbwe Andrew
Head Teacher

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you, to the much awaited glossy website that sums up our 100 years in educational service. I must really say, life is a journey, the path we take, what we look back on and we look forward to. We determine our destination.


we managed to develp anew structure and re-innovating them mega union was sucessful oraganised and many ogs and obs turned up from previous years Bishop kityo luwalira Visited school for comfirmation of students Parents and teachers meeting Next term starts on 8th /feb/2018

MRS Dungu
Class Teacher

Our staff members have the skills, knowledge, capacity and flexibility to deliver high quality education at an affordable cost, excellent and maximum discipline and pass out children who are capable and able to peruse education to the next level

Deputy Head Teacher
Deputy Head Teacher

Our school has a good reputation for academic excellence, high expertise across all fields both inside and outside classroom and a caring, sharing and striving environment for our pupils. Many families choose our school for its child-oriented ethos.

Debora Doel
Art Teacher

Buloba CU Primary school provides quality education at an affordable cost and promotes improvements in its academic standards, development and welfare..


It is a result oriented education institution and has maintained an excellent academic performance ranking among the best schools in the country.