Head teachers Message

We are pleased that you are interested in Buloba C/U Primary School.

  • Head Teachers Word

    Dear pupils, parents, well-wishers and all the stake holders of Buloba C/U Primary School, I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank everyone who has contributed to the success of all the activities and functions organized by the school internally and externally. Without forgetting all the chief Guests we had had throughout the year.

    I congratulate the pupils/students who have managed to make it to the next year. I am sure this has been so because of God's Grace. For those who have not made it, there could be some reasons but don't lose hope always look forward to working hard

    Some tips on how to improve and excel in academics.

  • Understand yourself and have a positive mindset in all that you do
    Active reading that involves reading, comprehension and retention.
    Daily practice increases on one's knowledge and understanding.
    Active involvement in different activities done at school.
    Listen carefully, take detailed notes do all the activities and assignments given to you.
    Be committed to your work and above all have discipline which is the key to success.

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